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A song which many people would full heartedly agree with.

Described as wanting to get out and party in the streets, to release all that's built up inside.

Let's Party is full of energy, catchy riffs, melodies and vocals encouraging people to

'Enjoy life that your living'

'To look forward to your future'

'To have fun'

You can't help tapping, AND singing along of course.

Catchy music? I couldn't have it any other way”

Let's party has much to say and you can tell Tod has had a whole load of fun creating it!


Laaaa lala la.....Let's Party”




A multi-instrumentalist, artist, singer, and songwriter, Tod Almond is a solo genius, sending ripples in the music world. Crafting memorable musical compositions that meld together Classic Rock and Punk, with music complements both genres, while traversing a range of themes within his music.

A magnetic force in the world of Rock, Tod Almond is a solo singer songwriter who was born in Boston, United Kingdom. The talented artist remains inspired to pen down singles that chronicle life’s many journeys, adventures, and the many sentiments and feelings one experiences throughout their life.

Evoking nostalgia and wistfulness through enriching narratives that build on melodies and lyricism, Tod Almond is driven to capture the spirit of Rock and Punk. Creating singles that easily embed in one’s memory and have people hooked onto the rhythms and lyricism, the artist boasts a splendid discography. Todd unveiled his first album, ‘If Only You Could See’ in 2020, which collected 5 Star Commended Awards from the UK Songwriting Competition. This was followed by the single, ‘Let’s Party’, which he dropped on December 17th, 2021.

His storytelling nature and refreshing song writing ability is reflected within his album, ‘If Only You Could See’, which he released in October 2020, breaking into the music world. The eclectic songwriter has the masterful talent of bringing characteristic similarities with sounds from the past, while also mesmerizing listeners with an authentic and individual thread that gives his music a sense of unique newness.

With each new release, Tod Almond builds onto an emotion-fueled ethos, feeling and touching the hearts and souls of listeners with a creative style and sound unique to only himself. Capturing everyday emotions and weaving together moving stories.

Tod’s single, ‘Let's Party’ captivates listeners, imbuing within them uplifting spirits, encouraging them to have fun. Meanwhile, the single, “Be What You Want to Be” is a narration about being in a relationship with someone, being together, cherishing each other, and strengthening the closeness in one’s heart and soul.

The artist draws inspiration from The Jam’s Paul Weller, who stunningly creates melodic and tantalizing songs with a distinctly unique sound, influencing him to sing and play the instruments in a unique fashion. He also remains influenced by the work of Pink Floyd and David Gilmour, and their ability to effortlessly curate unique sounds, encouraging him to play solo guitar and acoustic guitar.

Moving forward, Tod hopes to continue his work in creating his next album and building the musical brand of Tod Almond. He hopes to build a solid business and become recognized as a solo artist and songwriter who is here to stay.